What Everyone Should Know About The Dental Bonding Treatment

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Are you unhappy with how your teeth look? Do you feel unpretty because of your teeth’s imperfections? Dental bonding in Newmarket might give you the right formula to solve your dental problems in a single day. To help you understand the procedure better, here are a few facts about the procedure and its benefits.

What is dental bonding?

It is a dental procedure that uses a resin material that matches your teeth’ natural sheen. As the name implies, the dentist applies the resin directly to the patient’s tooth until it dries. He’ll use ultraviolet light to bond the cosmetic material with your enamel to solidify the resin.

What are its advantages? More affordable

Dental bonding costs are more affordable than other dental cosmetic and treatment options. Your spending depends on the number of teeth that must undergo the procedure. It’s also an easy and simple treatment that doesn’t require several dental visits. Thus, helping the patients save more time and money spent on trips to the dentist.

Hides tooth imperfections

Dental bonding can solve a multitude of dental imperfections that are common to most patients. It also hides minor chips and cracks caused by accidents or injuries. Patients may also use it to whiten stains caused by certain foods and smoking. Patients may also proceed with bonding front teeth to replace specific areas in their teeth that are decayed. Lastly, patients may use it to reshape their tooth’s structure to achieve a more angular shape of the tooth.

A better alternative to amalgam fillings

The procedure uses a composite resin that adds durability and strength to any weakened tooth. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, the composite resin blends well with a patient’s natural teeth. Silver amalgam has a distinct colour that makes it noticeable when applied to a patient’s tooth.

Takes one sitting

Although dental bonding costs are more affordable, the process is safe and painless. Our dentist near you will apply a chemical compound that’ll roughen the person’s tooth. Doing so will make the gum bonding material adhere better to it. The dentist soon applies the bonding resin in layers, depending on the required thickness to treat the tooth. Meanwhile, a cosmetic dentist will carefully shape the resin while still soft before using a UV light to harden it.

The process takes at least 30 minutes to an hour to complete. It generally takes on one sitting to perform the procedure. However, there are times when the dentist may require a multi-session dental bonding for more extensive teeth corrections.

How do I make it last?

Although composite resin bonding doesn’t last as long as veneers, you may extend its wear for up to 10 years. To do that, you must learn how to care for your teeth properly. Avoid eating hard foods such as candies and ice cubes.

You should also be conscious enough to avoid unsightly oral habits like biting on solid objects like pens and teeth grinding. Remember that composite bonding isn’t as durable as your natural teeth. So, grinding your teeth while you sleep tends to slowly thin out the composite resin. Thus, making it vulnerable to chips and cracks.

Tooth bonding treatment improves your smile. However, it’s vital to protect the bonded tooth from any damage all the time. It’s always best to practice good oral hygiene to ensure that the amount you spend on dental bonding costs will be worth it. You should also regularly visit your dentist in Newmarket to monitor your oral health. It’s always a must to properly take care of your teeth to keep your smile safe.