Dental Emergency Near You

Emergency dental services are available for situations which are emergent and cannot wait for regular business hours for treatment. Dental emergencies include facial trauma resulting in lost or damaged teeth, fractured facial bones, severe toothaches or fever and pain associated with an abscess or infection.

Dental Emergency in Newmarket

When Dental Emergencies Occur

If a dental emergency occurs during daytime hours when the clinic is open, call the dentist and explain the situation so the condition can be seen as soon as possible. If it occurs after the clinic is closed, an on- call dentist will handle the call or patients can go directly to a nearby emergency room to get immediate treatment for severe pain or to control bleeding.

How Dental Emergencies are Treated

In most situations, the initial treatment following an emergency will be to address the most immediate concern. Putting a stop to bleeding or severe pain, repairing a broken tooth, or addressing a missing tooth are emergent issues that need to be dealt with immediately. After these are dealt with, follow-up treatment is likely to be scheduled and in some instances, appointments are made with specialists like periodontist or an oral surgeon. For instance, the loss of a tooth may need to be addressed by an oral surgeon. The intervention will depend on the severity and complexity of the situation.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes patients will consider incidents like a chipped tooth to be an emergency. Even though a chipped tooth has a cosmetic effect on the person’s appearance, it does not threaten the person’s well- being or health therefore, it is not considered an emergency situation. Cosmetic issues are not considered to be emergent but it’s important to contact your dental professional as soon after the incident in order to schedule an appointment.