Smile Enhancement Near You

If you’re self-conscious about your teeth, you could benefit from smile enhancement. As there are a variety of cosmetic dentistry options available, you will receive a customized service designed to meet your unique needs.


A crown improves the shape of a cracked, severely decayed, or discolored tooth. Made from porcelain or resin composite, it comes in the same colour as the rest of your teeth, making it impossible for others to notice the restoration.


A veneer is a shell made from porcelain or composite resin that fits over the impact tooth. Another option for discoloured teeth, veneers also work for misshapen and widely-spaced teeth.

White Fillings

Large metal amalgam fillings are sometimes noticeable when you smile. Plus, they can lead to stains in your teeth. To enhance your smile, replace your current filings with white composite fillings.

Teeth Whitening

If your teeth are beginning to look yellow, give them a makeover with a professional teeth whitening. Carried out by your dental hygienist, teeth whitening is completely safe. Over a few sessions at the dental clinic and at home, you will bleach the enamel of your teeth until it is several shades whiter.


Crooked teeth lead to a dilemma — should you leave them as they are or opt for metal braces for several months to create a straight smile you can be proud of? A better option than either of these is Invisalign. You can keep smiling while straightening your teeth, as no one will know you are using aligners. Invisalign works much like traditional braces but is made from clear plastic, making it virtually invisible.


Many people are embarrassed to smile if they’re missing a tooth. With an implant, you can fit an artificial tooth in the gap and it will seem like you a have a full set of healthy teeth.