Greetings from Dr. Neal Mortensen
and Dr. Frances Skinazi

Dr. Neal Mortensen & Dr. Frances Skinazi

Dr. Neal Mortensen and Dr. Frances Skinazi met at The University of Western Ontario Dental School and graduated and got married in June of 1996. They both started their dental careers in Hamilton but moved north of Toronto when they started their family so they could be closer to their parents, brothers, sisters, and cousins. They joined Dr. David Charters at Keep 28 Dental Centre in 1999 and over the next few years grew to love this dental family of dedicated staff and warm, welcoming patients. It was a natural transition when Dr. Charters retired in 2010 and transferred the care of his dental family to the hands of Dr. Mortensen and Dr. Skinazi. Our two dentists love different aspects of dentistry but they share the goal of doing their best for each patient’s specific needs. They listen to what you did and did not like about your past dental experiences, how they can make you the most comfortable, and learn about your life and interests.

Keep 28 Dental team


Open 3 evenings every week

Open 3 evenings/week

Convenient location of Keep 28

Convenient Location

Great facilities at Keep 28

Great Facilities

Caring environment at Keep 28

Caring Environment

Kids room at Keep 28

Kids Room


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