Root Canal Therapy Near You

Root canal therapy can preserve a tooth. Of course, patients fear the thought of a root canal, but it’s a relatively simple procedure and can be performed using dental sedation to reduce discomfort. A root canal is a treatment option for a tooth that has damaged pulp. It can restore a tooth and eliminate the need for an extraction.

Root Canal Therapy in Newmarket

Importance of Root Canal Therapy Near You

When the pulp, or center portions inside a tooth becomes infected it creates a high risk that the infection will spread to other parts of the mouth and can lead to a number of other oral health issues. Damaged pulp can lead to tooth damage or tooth loss. A root canal can be performed to remove infected pulp and save the tooth.

How does a root canal work?

The dentist drills a hole in a tooth to clean out the infected or damaged pulp. After the pulp has been removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned out. If there is infection present, the dentist may inject some medication inside the tooth and seal it with a temporary filling to protect it while it heals. Once the infection has been minimized, the dental professional will remove the insides of the tooth and clean it out and then fill it back in with a rubber compound called “gutta-percha.” The tooth is sealed and in order to keep the tooth from breaking, a crown is placed.

How Effective is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is an effective treatment option for most people. Through the use of modern technology, the process is not as painful as it used to be. Today, a root canal is as comfortable and getting a tooth filled. Root canal therapy is very successful. Many teeth can last a lifetime after being repaired and capped.