Dental Caps and Crowns Near You

Caps are crowns are the same thing, just different terms. There are several terms you may hear when talking about caps and crowns including “dental crown,” “porcelain jacket” or a “tooth cap.” These are all the same procedure used to “cap” a tooth by placing a custom-made cover for a damaged tooth.

Caps and Crowns in Newmarket

What are dental caps and crowns?

A crown is a dental restoration that is used to fully cover a tooth or implant. It covers the entire tooth from the base near the gumline. After it is placed, it essentially becomes the new outer surface of the tooth. Crowns are placed permanently and cemented so they stay in place. Once the crown is placed on a tooth, it is cared for just like a natural tooth.

Why do people need crowns?

Many question if crowns are really all that important, especially if the tooth is not painful. However, there are a few reasons why a dental professional will recommend a crown for a tooth. They are basically used to repair and strengthen a damaged tooth or teeth. Crowns also help improve the overall appearance of a tooth. A crown can improve a tooth’s color and shape while also visually improving the apparent alignment of the teeth.

Are there other treatment options available?

In some instances, other treatment options are possible or available. However, there isn’t any other dental restoration which provides the benefits or advantages that a crown provides. For example, a filling might be a viable option for repairing a tooth, but it is highly likely that the tooth will still need a crown a little later on. If the area requiring a filling is large, it can cause the tooth to break and be beyond repair.