Dental Checkup And Cleaning Near You

Each person should have a routine dental checkup and cleaning, even if they practice good oral hygiene at home. A checkup is essential because the dentist can keep an eye out of early signs of problems like tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease and other problems. This allows for quick, timely action which can minimize the negative effects.

Checkup And Cleaning in Newmarket

How Often Should I have a Dental Checkup and Cleaning?

Most people need two checkups each year. However, those who have problems or high risk conditions may need to see the dentist more often. Routine visits typically include an exam, x-rays, and a professional cleaning. Your dentist will also discuss any problems or risks that are specific to you.

Dental Cleaning

The dental hygienist usually uses a scaler to scrape tartar off the teeth. The scaler is an instrument that vibrates in a way to shake the plaque and tartar loose so it can be rinsed away. Once tartar and plaque are removed, they will polish the teeth. This keeps their surfaces smooth so plaque cannot accumulate as easily.

Routine Checkups

Once your teeth have been cleaned, a dentist will thoroughly examine them and your mouth. These routine checkups are essential for staying ahead of decay or other problems. They will look for any signs or warnings of gum disease and if there are any, then they will develop a treatment plan. They will also examine the basic function of the teeth and jaws and look for any problems such as TMJ, or teeth grinding. Many times a routine visit can help a dentist discover potential problems that can be averted or minimized. Even though you schedule a checkup and cleaning twice a year with your dentist, doesn’t mean you cannot call him in between if you have any problems. Their goal is the same as yours: to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.