Dentures Near You

If you are missing teeth, one popular option is dentures. This removable solution works whether you are missing all your teeth (complete dentures) or just some teeth (partial dentures).

Types of Dentures

Conventional dentures are fitted between eight to 12 weeks after the dentist removes your teeth, which gives your mouth time to heal. Alternatively, you can opt for immediate dentures, which are made in advance. Although this second option means you will spend no time without teeth, these dentures require more adjustment, as bones and gums shrink during the healing process.

Procedure for Receiving Dentures

You will need to visit your dentist several times before you receive dentures. First, the dentist in Newmarket will make several impressions of your jaw. These impressions will show how your upper and lower jaws fit together and how much space there is in between.

Using the impressions, the dentist will create models made from wax or plastic for you to test out. Your dentist will use these to cast your final dentures, considering aspects including colour, shape, and fit. Finally, you will return to the clinic for subsequent appointments for adjustments to your dentures.

Becoming Accustomed to Your Dentures

At first, dentures may feel strange — even some irritation or soreness is normal. You will need to learn how to use your muscles to keep the dentures in place. Other aspects that require some practice include inserting and removing the dentures, speaking, and eating. Your dentist will likely recommend that you initially stick to a diet of soft foods.

Wearing Your Dentures

Your dentist will advise you on how long to wear your dentures. For the first few days, you may need to wear them all the time, even at night. This will help reveal where the dentures need adjusting sooner. Once your dentist has completed all the adjustments, you will be able to take out your dentures to sleep.