Nitrous Oxide Sedation Near You

Nitrous oxide is known by many names including inhalation sedation, happy gas and laughing gas. No matter what it is called, it works to sedate a patient for a short time while they are undergoing dental treatments and procedures. The colorless, odorless gas is administered by a dental professional to help ease anxiety many feel during dental procedures. This helps make a patient more comfortable.

How is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Administered?

A small “hood” is fitted over the nose of a patient and as they breathe normally the gas is administered and takes effect. The dentist will control how much of the gas is administered to the patient at all times. The patient will not be put to sleep, but will feel very relaxed. Since they are awake, the patient can listen to and respond to any instructions given during the procedure.

What Should I Expect?

The nitrous oxide will have some oxygen mixed in with it to ensure it is safer. The dentist will ensure the hood fits over the patient’s nose properly so the gas is inhaled while they continue to breathe normally. The nitrous oxide will begin working quickly and the patient may start to feel a light-headed. Most people begin feeling a tingling sensation in their arms or legs, others feel a vibrating warmth in their body. The patient feels euphoria while the dentist completes the procedure. The patient will have no discomfort. Nitrous oxide can be used as long as necessary and the dentist can switch it off and on easily as needed.

Is any Aftercare Necessary?

As soon as the nitrous oxide is discontinued, the gas, as well as any effects will stop in a matter of a few minutes. The patient will not experience any lasting effects and will be able to drive themselves home following the procedure. Occasionally, patients may feel slight nausea, but most patients have no negative side effects.