How Do I Know If My Gum Disease Is Serious?

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Gum disease might not seem like a big problem at first, especially when your gums bleed a bit when you brush or floss. But what if it’s serious? How can you tell if you have advanced gum disease and require immediate attention? Let’s delve into the world of gum health and uncover the signs that indicate your gums mean business.

First, let’s talk about what gum disease is and how it happens. Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is an infection in the tissues around and under your teeth. It usually begins when plaque builds up on your teeth. If you don’t clean it off well, it can make your gums swollen and infected.

Signs Your Gum Disease Might Be Serious

#1 Bleeding Gums That Won’t Quit

If your gums bleed a bit when you brush or floss occasionally, it might not seem like a big deal. But if it happens often, especially during regular brushing or flossing, it could be a problem. Normally, healthy gums don’t bleed easily. So, if you notice blood in your spit every time you brush or floss, it’s important to take notice.

#2 Receding Gumline

If your gums are pulling back from your teeth, making them appear longer or showing the roots, it’s not good. This is called receding gums, and it’s a problem. It doesn’t just change how your smile looks; it also makes your teeth more likely to get decayed and sensitive.

#3 Persistent Bad Breath

We’re not just talking about the usual morning breath here. If you have constant bad breath, also known as halitosis, it could signal a bigger issue like gum disease. Bacteria tend to gather in the spaces formed by receding gums, leading to unpleasant smells that even powerful mints can’t mask.

#4 Loose or Shifting Teeth

Your teeth should stay firmly rooted in place. If you see them wiggling or shifting around, it’s important to visit a dentist immediately. Severe gum disease can harm the structures that hold your teeth in place, making them loose and potentially causing tooth loss if not addressed promptly.

#5 Pain and Discomfort

Gum disease doesn’t always go unnoticed. It can bring different levels of discomfort, from slight sensitivity to sharp pain. If your gums feel consistently tender, and swollen, or if you notice abscesses, it’s a sign that your gum disease has become more severe.

#6 Changes in Bite or Alignment

Gum disease near you doesn’t only impact your gums; it can also disrupt your bite and the alignment of your teeth. When the bone supporting your teeth weakens, you might notice changes in how your teeth fit together or even gaps forming between them. Ignoring these changes could lead to further issues down the line.

#7 Systemic Health Concerns

Believe it or not, gum disease isn’t just a problem confined to your mouth. Research has linked it to various systemic health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Taking care of your gums isn’t just about preserving your smile; it’s about safeguarding your overall health.

Now that you understand how serious gum disease can be, it’s important not to panic. Instead, take action. Make an appointment with your dentist for a thorough checkup and to discuss a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs.

Remember, it’s much easier to prevent gum disease than to treat it once it’s already there. By sticking to good oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice a day, flossing every day, and visiting your dentist regularly, you can lower your risk of developing types of gum infections and prevent it from getting worse if you already have it.

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