Why Should I Use an Sports Guards Mouthguard?

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Each year, numerous accidents happen involving trauma of the mouth or teeth. These often hand in physical activities related to sports. Sports-related oral injuries happen a lot, and they incur significant financial, social, and medical costs.

Preserves Teeth

People that take part in high-risk and contact-heavy sports like boxing, hockey, football, karate, and extreme sports are liable to trigger mouth injuries. That’s why it’s critical to always put a dental sports guard’s new market.

These mouthguards curb shock injuries and impact to the teeth, including Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ) such as cut lips, lacerations, jaw fractures, and broken teeth. These injuries can lead to root canals, crowns, fillings, or in certain scenarios, tooth loss.

A typical mouth guard should have a thickness of 3mm to absorb and evenly spread the shock within the device when the mouth is directly hit. It also relieves the clenching of teeth that triggers fractures and mouthguard overuse.

What Should Be Done

Dentists recommend using a mouthguard when participating in training and competitive contact sports. An excellent mouthguard is custom-made for one’s mouth by a dentist. Go for a mouthguard with a bright colour so it can easily be spotted if it gets lost in the middle of a game. It’s imperative to remove the splints and other appliances before inserting the customized mouthguard.

Has the mouthguard been replaced frequently or when it wears out or is no longer comfortable? Rinse the mouthguard with mouthwash or cold water before and after using it. Keep it clean using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Ensure it’s kept in a punctured and stable container to prevent damage and facilitate air circulation.

Have the sports mouthguard evaluated by Newmarket dentists for every visit?