Why Does the Dentist Take Digital X-rays?

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Newmarket dentists take digital x-rays because they have better resolution and it is easier to spot any problems.

Benefits of digital x-rays Newmarket

There are several benefits of digital x-rays in Newmarket versus the old film-based x-rays.

  • The image is immediately readable instead of the delay of film developing
  • Digital x-rays use a reduction of 70% in radiation to produce a high-quality image
  • Digital x-ray pictures are able to be boosted by changing the brightness or contrast by using several dispensation methods
  • Digital pictures do not take up storage space anywhere but the computer
  • Because digital pictures can be made larger it is easier to see small cavities
  • Provide more comfort for pictures taken inside the mouth

The cons

The cons of digital x-rays are the cost of the unit itself, however, over the long run it pays for itself and is very environmentally friendly


Fix impacted tooth Newmarket

Digital x-rays will show how badly the wisdom tooth is impacted and allow the dentist to either extract the wisdom tooth or the molar in front of the wisdom tooth in order to give it room to come in.

Wisdom teeth generally come in between the ages of 18 or 19 to 24. For many, they will not need to have general anesthesia and oral surgery to fix an impacted tooth. In some cases, there will be nothing needed beyond some acetaminophen for minor pain. In other cases, there will be the need to remove the impacted tooth with just local anesthesia. No matter which case you fall into as far as anesthesia used, bring a driver with you,

An impacted tooth can require emergency dentists in Newmarket so that the tooth does not become infected from having food stuck under the gum which will create bacteria and lead to tooth decay and gum disease. For a consultation about fixing impacted tooth Newmarket.