What To Do In Case A Tooth Is Bleeding?

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What should you do when your broken tooth is bleeding? Call your Newmarket dentist immediately. When your tooth is broken, it is considered a dental emergency.

If you think that your broken tooth is bleeding, in reality, these are your gums bleeding and not your tooth. Nevertheless, this should be treated right away. There are ways to stop the bleeding at home. However, there is no other remedy to fix a broken tooth but to go to your Newmarket dentist.

For fast relief to stop the bleeding, use a clean piece of washcloth or gauze and soak it in cold water. If your teeth are sensitive to cold temperatures, use warm water instead. Remove excess water and apply it to the bleeding area. Do not press too hard as it may worsen the fracture.

A broken tooth may not be painful but does not mean it should be ignored. Don’t wait until your tooth’s fracture worsens. If your broken tooth is not bleeding, you can do first aid until you get to your dentist’s office.  Gargle with warm water and place a cold pack on the cheek or lips over your broken tooth. You may take a pain reliever to lessen the pain.

If your broken tooth is bleeding, it could mean that the fracture has reached the deeper part of your tooth and has exposed a nerve. When this happens, this can be very painful and your Newmarket dentist may recommend having a root canal and a crown treatment. Keep 28 is your local dental clinic at Newmarket that you can easily go-to for this type of emergency.

The best way to avoid a broken tooth is to make sure you take care of your teeth properly. Do not take for granted any bleeding in your mouth. Bleeding could also be a sign of serious gum disease. If you are experiencing any mouth discomfort, make an appointment with your dentist at Keep 28 immediately.