What Is The Beauty Of The Dental Bone Graft Procedure?

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A dental bone graft is important before dental implants or bridges.

Not everyone needs this. You will need bone grafting when your jawbone is too thin or soft to support an implant. It strengthens your gums so that they will be able to support implants or bridges. If your Keep 28 Dental Centre dentist doesn’t do this, your teeth replacement will fail.

Dental bone graft procedure

Bones in our jawbones hold our natural teeth. The roots of the teeth stimulate the bone structures. Missing teeth cause the surrounding bone structure to collapse and recede due to the lack of stimulation. Too much bone loss can render it impossible to place dental implants or dental bridges to replace the missing teeth.

The dentist will take preventive measures to maintain the surrounding bone structure while replacing no teeth.
Not addressing the issue of missing teeth at once causes the face to sag. It can make you look older.

In a dental bone graft procedure, your dentist in Newmarket makes an incision on your gums. He will use bone grafting material to fill your gums. Grafting material can be in the form of powder, granules, putty, and gel. After filling, he will stitch the area and allow the natural healing process to begin. The bone graft will create new bones around it in a few months and strengthen your jawbone.

Once the bone graft is complete, your jawbone is stable enough to support dental implants or bridges.

What are the uses of dental bone grafts?

Keep 28 Dental Centre uses bone grafts to achieve the following:

Dental implants

Dental implants are a teeth replacement option using titanium post-surgically placed on your jawbone. This metal acts as the root of the dental crown, which replaces the missing teeth. Implants need bone density to support them and to achieve success with the procedure.

Successful teeth extractions

When you have your teeth pulled out for certain reasons, the procedure of dental bone graft help preserves your gums from collapsing. Thus, if you decide to get implants, your gums will be strong enough to support them.

Save your teeth

Advanced cases of periodontal disease cause bone loss, putting the teeth at risk of falling away. Our dentist near you regenerates the bone around the teeth to increase the teeth’s support.

Preserve the health of your gums after losing teeth with bone grafting. It will make getting teeth replacement at Keep 28 Dental Centre much easier.