Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Wisdom tooth extraction in Newmarket is a standard procedure that dentists recommend to avoid future dental problems. Wisdom teeth are the last set of permanent molars to emerge. For some, their third molars come out at the proper position and do not harm the neighbouring teeth. Furthermore, they cause no pain at all. On the one hand, others experience dental problems, that’s why they seek wisdom tooth removal. Infection after the procedure is something that they need to watch out for to avoid complications.

Now, you might be wondering if your wisdom tooth needs extraction. Here are three main reasons to help you decide whether to undergo this dental work.

Reasons why wisdom tooth extraction is necessary to eliminate orthodontic problems in the future.

Teeth crowding is one of the reasons why you need a wisdom tooth extraction. When too many teeth are in your mouth, others do not come out in their correct position or location. Soon, it leads to orthodontic issues such as teeth alignment or malocclusion. Not to mention, crowded teeth are the most suitable area for bacterial growth. To avoid these, heed the advice of your Newmarket dentist and have your third molar removed for good.

The wisdom tooth is impacted.

When your mouth does not have enough room to accommodate your third molar, it might not come through correctly. It is called impaction, and the tooth needs to be removed as soon as possible. And as long as you abide by the aftercare tips of your dentist, you’re far from having a wisdom tooth removal infection.
There are several ways that your wisdom tooth is impacted. For some patients, only the tip of the molar partially comes through the gums, while most of it remains underneath. In other cases, their molars erupt sideways, either forward or backwards, and these cause damage to the neighbouring tooth.

There’s a risk of dental pain and infection.

Once the wisdom tooth is impacted, there’s a higher risk of dental decay and infection. For one, a partially emerged molar is the breeding ground of bacteria since food particles quickly get stuck. Sooner, cavities lurk into the back teeth and cause dental pain, much worse, gum disease or infection. Without wisdom tooth extraction, this oral problem might escalate to the development of abscesses or pus in the gums. This dental problem requires more than just extraction; it might need root canal treatment to stop the spread of infection.

Impacted wisdom tooth only causes damage rather than helping you keep a healthy set of teeth. That explains why dentists recommend the removal of the third molar to their patients between the age of 16 to 19. Instead, They would prevent these future dental problems rather than wait until the worst happens. After all, you deserve to have better oral health. Don’t be anxious about wisdom tooth removal infection because our dentist near you will take care of you before and after the extraction.