Three Phases Of A Dental Implant Procedure

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A dental implant near you involves placing a post that acts as an artificial root of the tooth replacement. This restorative dental work involves attaching the post that looks like a dental screw to the patient’s jawbone through surgery. Patients may choose titanium dental implants or those made with zirconium since both materials are compatible with the human body. It is vital for successful osseointegration or the fusion of the materials with the jawbone.

The dental implant restoration takes several months before it’s completed. Hence, it’s vital to understand the different phases of this procedure so you know what to expect.

The phases of a dental implant procedure Pre-surgical phase

During this phase, the oral surgeon provides pre-operative instructions that you must adhere to. As a precaution, he lets you take antibiotics a few days before the dental implant procedure. Also, he’ll have you use a mouth rinse to kill bacteria to avoid infection. He wants you to have a good breakfast at your appointment and have someone drive you to the clinic.

Surgery phase

This phase of the treatment is divided into two placing the dental posts and abutment or connector into the jawbone. The first phase of titanium dental implant surgery is placing the implants. The oral surgeon numbs the surgical site with local anesthesia. He might also put you under IV sedation to make you feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Next, he accesses your gums to expose the jawbone and makes room for the implant with his dental tools. Then, he inserts the implant into the space created and closes up with stitches. You will be sent home and wait for a few months for the second phase of the surgery. It will take about three to four months for you to heal.

The second phase of the dental implant procedure is placing the abutment to link the inserted post and the dental restoration. The dentist re-opens your gums, places the abutment on top of the dental post, and closes it up. Then, he takes digital impressions of the tooth to create a precise model for your restoration. After several days, you return to the clinic and the dental crown is permanently fixed on the implant.


You need to go on a soft diet as you recover from the titanium dental implant surgery. Also, you are expected to care for your teeth without disturbing the surgical site to prevent bleeding. More importantly, see our dentist in Newmarket regularly so he can monitor the progress of your implant treatment.