Steps For Root Canal Therapy

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When a dentist mentions the words “Root Canal”, patients often respond with a look of terror and fear. They instantly associate this procedure with excruciating pain. But, root canal therapy doesn’t have to be that way! By contacting an experienced Root Canal Therapy Newmarket dental specialist, patients typically compare the pain level to that of a filling!

Root Canal Therapy can be performed by an experienced dentist or an endodontic specialist. A dentist will likely recommend a root canal when there is inflammation present or an infection in the root of a tooth. The damaged area of the root is referred to as the pulp.

Steps for Root Canal Therapy

A root canal involves a few steps:

  • An x-ray determines where the decay or infection is located.
  • Once the infection has been pinpointed, your dentist will administer local anesthesia to the infected tooth to provide a little bit of relief during the procedure.
  • Your specialist will remove the infected and inflamed pulp.
  • The treated area will be sanitized and cleaned to prevent further infections during the healing process.
  • Finally, your dentist will fill the area and then seal the tooth.

Tooth Desensitization Newmarket

Once you have completed the root canal therapy, your tooth may be desensitized. There are a variety of products including special toothpaste, mouthwashes, and also dental treatments to ease tooth sensitivity. Speak to your local Newmarket dentist today to explore tooth desensitization options.

Root canal therapy doesn’t have to be scary! If you are a candidate for root canal therapy, know you are not alone and this quick treatment addresses the persistent tooth discomfort you’ve been living with. Call your local Newmarket Dentist today for more information!