Signs That You Need Root Canal Therapy

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The signs that you need root canal therapy come in different forms. Knowing the signs to look out for and acting quickly can save your tooth. No one wants to receive root canal therapy, but ignoring the symptoms will only aggravate the condition and lead to a more serious problem.

Warning Signs

Extreme sensitivity

Sensitivity tends to occur when you consume hot and cold foods and beverages. It also lingers when you stop eating or drinking. You may also experience pain when you use your tooth to bite, chew, or even when you touch your tooth.

Persistent toothache

You may have a constant throbbing pain that stops you from being able to sleep at night. Pain may also spread to other areas of your head, jaw, and ear.

Pimple on the gums

A small pimple may form on your gums, releasing pus or bleeding if you press it.

Visual signs

Other visual signs include swelling in your gums, face, neck, or head and discolouration of the tooth.

What Does This Means?

The dental pulp contains blood vessels and a nerve in the middle of every tooth. The symptoms’ warning signs suggest damage to the pulp or nerve tissue due to bacteria, leading to an abscess. Usually, this is due to deep decay, but it can also result from multiple dental procedures, tooth damage, facial trauma, or even a large filling.

What to Do Next?

Book an appointment with our dentist to see if you need root canal therapy in Newmarket. Our dentist will examine your tooth, utilizing an X-ray to check the pulp. The best thing about the treatment is that the pain will cease after the dentist removes the abscess. Our dentist near you will also remove the infected pulp and nerve tissue before cleaning the area to stop the infection from spreading.