Replace Your Missing Teeth With Amazing Dental Implants

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Dental implants in Newmarket are the best way to replace missing teeth in your mouth. Implants support dentures and can be an excellent solution if you have lost all your natural tooth roots. If you are considering getting dental implants, these essential facts.


They improve your appearance.

Dental implants can help you become more confident. They look natural and can improve your appearance.

Chewing is not easier.

Aside from making your teeth look natural, they also function like your regular teeth, making chewing easier. Moreover, they are stable compared to dentures.

They improve your oral health

You can also suffer jawbone damage if you don’t replace your missing teeth. When this happens, it can cause the loss of other teeth. Dental implants promote bone growth and help improve your remaining teeth.

What are the types of dental implants?

Depending on your specific needs, there are several types of plants. There are two types.

  • Endosteal – this treatment requires two surgeries. Your dentist will attach the implants to the jaw in the first procedure. When the tissues have healed, an artificial tooth will be attached to your original implant.
  • Subperiosteal – This technique involves placing a metal frame in your jaw and mounting metal posts.

Aftercare instructions for implants

After your procedure, your gums and teeth become sensitive. Here are tips on taking care of them and improving their life span.

  • As much as possible, avoid hot drinks and foods. They can worsen the condition of the affected tissues during surgery. Drink cold water instead to alleviate discomfort.
  • If you see swelling in the surgical area, you may use ice to reduce swelling. You may also take painkillers when the anesthesia wears off.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water to reduce infection.
  • Do not brush your teeth immediately after the procedure since the wounds remain unhealed. You can resume brushing your teeth after one day using a soft-bristled brush.

If you want to know more about this procedure and your best options, call our dentist near you to achieve your dream smile!