Professional Dental Cleaning: Your Way To A Healthier Mouth

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Your oral health is vital, and professional dental cleaning is advised. The general dentist near you and dental hygienists provide professional teeth cleaning services. They aim to remove plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth to give you squeaky clean teeth and fresh breath.

The standard dental cleaning procedure

Dental professionals use five steps in performing a regular deep dental cleaning procedure.

You may use this dental service twice a year to help you maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Physical dental examination

The hygienist visually examines your teeth using a dental mirror during this step. He checks for any possible signs of tooth cavities or gum inflammation that may exist. Then he confers with the dentist to proceed with a dental cleaning.

Plaque and tartar removal

After checking your mouth, he cleans your teeth by removing plaque and tartar using his dental tool. Plaque is a sticky material containing bacteria that thrive in your teeth and gums. When you don’t stick to your oral care regimen, plaque stays on the teeth’s surface and gums. Once they harden, they become tartar, which is harder to remove with simple brushing. If they remain on your teeth and gums for a long time, your enamel will erode, and your gums will recede. Hence, you must undergo a professional dental cleaning procedure to prevent that.

Teeth cleaning with gritty toothpaste

Also, he gives your teeth a good scrub using an electric brush with gritty toothpaste. It will further remove left plaque or tartar, deep cleaning your teeth. The gritty toothpaste scrubs and polishes your teeth. To avoid enamel erosion, it is highly recommended that you undergo this procedure twice a year.

Professional flossing

Another essential step of the regular dental cleaning process is flossing. Although you also floss at home, your dental hygienist expertly flosses between your teeth. This way, he removes bacteria that are stuck in between your teeth and gums. This way, he also spots areas on your gums that need more care or are in trouble. Bleeding gums while flossing is a sign of inflammation due to poor oral care. He will provide you with some tips on effectively flossing at home daily.


He lets you rinse your mouth to clear out debris using fluoride liquid.

Fluoride treatment

Lastly, he gives you a fluoride treatment to protect and help your teeth fight against cavity-causing bacteria. You can choose a flavour, and he places a foamy gel in a dental tray. He lets you wear the mouth tray for a minute. Aside from that, he also paints your teeth with a fluoride varnish using a small dental brush. The varnish hardens as it comes in contact with your saliva. It means you can immediately eat or drink after your dental cleaning procedure.
Have a dental cleaning in Newmarket, Ontario and stay on top of your oral health.