Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

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One of the most common questions is, “Are root canals painful?” Yonge Newmarket dentists regularly perform root canal therapy near you, meaning they can minimize the pain of the experience and usually save the tooth.

Before the Procedure

The most painful time is actually before your root canal. Patients usually need root canal treatment because an infection in the tooth causes extreme discomfort.

Sometimes, a root canal is necessary even when the infection is causing no pain. The damaged or infected pulp in the tooth must be removed to stop an infection from spreading and reduce the risk of losing your tooth. The lack of pain is often due to a fistula — a pimple that continuously drains the pus from the infection. You experience no pain in these cases because the fistula prevents pressure from building up.

During the Procedure

We first provide a local anaesthetic in a root canal treatment. It numbs the tooth and surrounding area, meaning you feel nothing throughout the procedure. In addition, removing the infection from your tooth will relieve you of the pain you previously felt.

After the Procedure

After treatment, the gums around the tooth may be inflamed. If this is the case, you can take an analgesic. However, discomfort tends to be minor. As root canal treatment removes the nerve tissue from your tooth, you will no longer experience sensitivity to hot and cold.

After your first visit, your root canal treatment is incomplete; you will need a subsequent appointment to receive your permanent filling or crown. It will prevent the infection from returning and protect you from any further pain.

Receive your root canal with an experienced Newmarket dentist. Contact Dr Mortensen — Keep 28 to book your appointment.