Is a Fractured Tooth an Emergency?

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Are you wondering, “Is a cracked tooth an emergency?”. It depends on whether your situation is considered a viable dental emergency near you that requires immediate attention. Therefore, knowing when to seek emergency tooth restoration after chipping, splitting, or shattering a tooth can be challenging.

However, there are indicators that, depending on how much of the tooth broke off, can indicate whether emergency care is required for a broken tooth. If you’re curious, this article will answer your question, “Is a broken tooth an emergency?”.

What is Emergency Tooth Repair?

Any dental procedure that you hadn’t initially planned to have is considered emergency dental care. Emergency dental care is typically required when an oral trauma occurs, such as:

  • Accident in a vehicle.
  • Tripping and bashing your mouth.
  • Receiving a blow to the mouth during a sporting event.
  • Biting into a hard object, such as an animal bone, metal fork, or spoon.
  • Your teeth may be clenched or grinding.

These trauma episodes occasionally necessitate emergency dental care by a dentist near you. In other instances, delaying medical attention is acceptable.

When is a Broken Tooth an Emergency?

Pain and bleeding are the main warning signs that a chipped, damaged, or cracked tooth needs immediate dental treatment.


Increased sensitivity and pain are telltale symptoms of a problem with your tooth, particularly if it is chipped or damaged. It is preferable to contact your dentist as soon as possible if your tooth chips, cracks, or breaks and is accompanied by pain. The quicker you visit the dentist, the faster they can treat your tooth and stop the discomfort.


Another indication that you should find an emergency dentist who can fix a chipped tooth is bleeding. Your gums or deeper tooth layers are typically damaged when bleeding in the mouth. Frequent damage to these areas must be treated quickly to recover your tooth and maintain oral health over the long run. Sometimes having a tooth that is loose or knocked out causes bleeding or discomfort. In this situation, it is recommended to:

  • Stay away from aspirin for pain relief because it can lead to more bleeding.
  • Applying gentle pressure to the area in question can help cease bleeding.
  • Attempt to save the tooth, so your dentist can reconnect it to your mouth.

The simple line is that your fractured, chipped, or cracked tooth is an emergency if it is experiencing sudden, acute pain and bleeding. But what if you don’t experience these side effects? Can you put off visiting the dentist for too long?

How Long Can You Go with a Fractured Tooth?

You should seek treatment as soon as possible if your tooth hurts or is bleeding. You should call your dentist in Newmarket and make an appointment soon.

Even if there is no pain or bleeding, a chip, crack, or break that compromises the structural integrity of your teeth may need to be repaired to protect your oral health in the long run. Regardless of how little you believe the problem to be, it’s always a good idea to call your dentist immediately to be safe.

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