Invisalign History: The Start Of A Dental Revolution

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Invisalign is a teeth correction appliance made of unique plastic material. This transparent and comfortable material makes it a better alternative for flashy metal braces. Aside from that, clear aligners are also removable. Maintaining teeth is more accessible even under an Invisalign treatment in Newmarket, Ontario. The removable feature is also an advantage to avoiding awkward conversations with onlookers during special events.
Although the Invisalign aligner has notably more benefits with appearance and comfort, it has become a proven competitor of braces. The clear aligner treatment uses 3D technology, allowing dentists to create a treatment plan and anticipate the result. They will present this program to the patient and get their approval. On the patient’s part, seeing the final transformation would be a great motivation to pursue the treatment journey.

History of Invisalign

It’s not a question that Invisalign today is sweeping every orthodontic patient’s feet. They just want to avail the treatment immediately and achieve better smiles. However, some are also piqued by how this innovation in dentistry started and then quickly captured the smiles of many.

In 1997, an orthodontic patient named Zia Chishti realized that the retainer phase concept also applies to an entire orthodontic treatment. Using a series of similar dental appliances may gradually produce the same effect as braces. He started forming a team to help him with the treatment plan and technology, although none had an orthodontic background. Nonetheless, they have been successful in introducing the Invisalign aligner.
With this modern teeth correction technique, patients are happy to avoid the drawbacks of metal braces. First, braces can be a subject of bullying for some teens. Second, patients report that discomfort from braces persists or recurs throughout the treatment period. Finally, it is very challenging to maintain without the help of your Invisalign dentist.

While some dentists find traditional braces more effective, they find the demands of the patients more essential. More dental clinics are offering this dental service for willing and interested patients. Practitioners who want to become Invisalign aligner providers must attend a course to specialize in this treatment.

There’s no harm in trying new experiences, especially for enhancing oneself. However, if you want to explore a new treatment for your smile, it’s best to consult our dentist near you. That is how you will ensure safety and success in your desired goals.