If Half Of The Tooth Breaks Off, What Happens?

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woman having broken tooth

If you have broken one or more teeth, visit the dentist soon to get treatment for a broken tooth near you. Depending on the kind and extent of the break, the dentist will decide how quickly that needs to happen and what to do about it.
For everything from a minor tooth fracture to a clean, total break, here are the things to know and actions to take.

Causes of Pain Due to Broken Teeth

Like your hands or fingers, your tooth is a physical component of your body. Therefore, you will feel pain if you injure any portion of your body. Similar soreness that can cause panic can be felt if you play contact sports and have an impact on the mouth that breaks your teeth in half.

It’s also possible to sustain a fractured tooth due to general dental wear and tear from regular activities. You can support a broken tooth by chewing intricate foods like candy or ice. Ailments like bruxism, which causes you to clench your jaw and grind your teeth, may also harm your teeth. Because your tooth enamel degrades and breaks over time, you can anticipate pain from the damaged tooth.

Actions to Take if Your Tooth is Broken

The dental pain caused by the shattered tooth will hit you right away. For instance, you may have a damaged tooth if you suddenly experience pain while consuming excessively hot or cold meals. When chewing food with a damaged tooth, you could also experience sporadic pain. It is best to call our dentist in Newmarket immediately to make an appointment if your tooth has split in half. It is not advised to ignore a fractured tooth because your condition could worsen, and the tooth could get infected.

The gums and your jawbone may become infected if the illness starts in the tooth pulp. You can keep up with your regular dental care routines while being cautious when brushing the fractured tooth if you can’t immediately get to the dentist for fast treatment. Avoid getting the damaged tooth fixed for too long because oral bacteria affect the tooth quickly. Instead, seek quick treatment at a local urgent care dental office.


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Different Treatment Options

Your chances of keeping the tooth are better the earlier you visit the emergency dentist near you. The dentist will assess the broken tooth and decide the best action to save it. Here are some dental professionals’ preferred methods of treating fractured teeth.

  • You might not need extensive treatment if you have a chipped filling or have lost some tooth enamel. Instead, the dentist might place a fresh filling or use tooth-coloured composite resin to bind the tooth.
  • If only a tiny bit of your tooth is shattered, your dentist may advise using dental fillings or a dental crown to cover the exposed tooth.
  • If you have a significant fracture, your dentist may recommend endodontic surgery to remove the damaged area and safeguard the tooth’s dental pulp.
  • If you forego treatment and the fracture spreads to the dental pulp, you might need a root canal or a tooth extraction.
  • It’s frightening to break a tooth in half and assume you’ll need an expensive new tooth.

Fortunately, dentists provide a variety of procedures to repair teeth. To guarantee the best outcome, you must assess the tooth immediately. Delaying treatment or putting off the problem will lead to tooth loss and the need for dentures, bridges, or implants as replacements.

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