Do You Have to Wear Retainers Forever After An Invisalign?

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You have cause to celebrate when your orthodontist tells you that Invisalign has served its function and your teeth are correctly aligned! Your orthodontic journey is still ongoing, though. Wearing an Invisalign retainer after treatment is required.

But how long will you wear it, and why is this step so crucial? Read on to find out. Should you still have questions, reach out to a dentist near you.

Do you have to wear a retainer?

For around six months after your treatment, you must wear your retainers for 20 to 22 hours daily. After that period, you’ll typically only need to wear them at night, giving you more oral freedom during the rest of the day.

After the first year, you can eventually wear your retainers three to five nights per week. You should wear them frequently throughout the rest of your life, but you are not required to do so “forever.”

Ultimately, the main takeaway is that it’s important to continue wearing retainers after Invisalign to ensure your teeth remain aligned.

What happens if you don’t wear your retainer?

As you progress through your series of Invisalign trays, your aligners will gradually move your teeth into a more aesthetically acceptable, functional position. Since it takes a few months for your teeth to “settle,” your dentist in Newmarket might advise that you wear your retainer as often as possible in the first few months after your treatment. However, if you stop wearing your retainer, your teeth will return to their original position, leaving you back where you started.

How to maintain your retainers

Because maintaining excellent dental health is our top priority, you must take good care of your retainer to prevent bacterial growth. Maintaining your retainer thoroughly will also prevent any harm from occurring.
Look into the following advice:

  • Before eating, remove your retainer and keep it carefully in its retainer case.
  • Rinse and lightly brush your retainer each time you take it out.
  • Avoid mouthwash containing alcohol or harsh chemicals like bleach since they can harm the plastic.
  • To ensure a thorough cleaning, remove your retainer before brushing your teeth at all times.

How do you secure your retainers from damage?

The last thing you want is to unintentionally lose or break your Invisalign retainer, thereby jeopardizing your newly straightened teeth. Fortunately, you can ignore that by adhering to many of the top techniques you utilized to preserve the condition of your aligners. To begin with, be sure to keep them clean and remove them whenever you eat or drink. Storing them in a robust case while not in use is also a good idea to prevent them from being thrown into the garbage or shattering into numerous pieces on the floor.

At first, wearing Invisalign might seem like a hassle after the retainer treatment. It is a minor but essential aspect of maintaining your straight, healthy smile for years to come, though.

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Although it could seem uncomfortable, wearing a retainer is well worth it in the grand scheme to have a gorgeous, straight, healthy smile for the rest of your life!

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If you have any questions about treatment, be it Invisalign, alternative orthodontic solutions, or routine cleaning, our staff would be happy to help! For an appointment, give us a call.