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No matter how strong, your teeth are vulnerable to chipping or breaking under certain circumstances. A breakage, crack, or tooth fracture can cause severe damage and pain, making you susceptible to infections. Yet, you don’t have to worry because your dentist’s got you covered with different methods for broken tooth treatment in Newmarket.

Meanwhile, you should know how to handle the situation when confronted with a dental injury. There will be a time difference until you can get assistance from your dentist to remedy the situation. One of the things you need to deal with is broken tooth pain relief. A cold compress can soothe an aching tooth and prevent inflammation. Over-the-counter medication may be needed if you wait to see your dentist the next day.

Different methods for broken tooth treatment

When you reach the dental office, your dentist first takes an X-ray image of the damaged tooth. It allows him to design a treatment plan for you and use the best method of broken tooth treatment.

Ceramic filling

One of the methods he uses is dental filling to strengthen the tooth’s natural structure. It is done when only a tiny portion of your tooth is broken or chipped. A ceramic filling is made of tooth-coloured porcelain material for a natural blend. The dentist administers local anesthesia, cleans the tooth, and applies ceramic fillings layer by layer. With each layer, he uses ultraviolet light to harden the material. He trims any excess material and shapes the restored tooth for a complete restoration.

Dental crown

Our dentist uses a dental crown for broken tooth pain relief when the damage is too extensive for a ceramic filling. A crown is a dental cap placed over the tooth to eliminate sensitivity. Sometimes, dental fillings are used to build the tooth structure before covering it with a crown for an improved appearance.
Clinics who use modern equipment complete a crown restoration in one visit. The dentist takes the tooth’s digital impression and sends the data to a milling machine to fabricate the crown. Once ready, he mounts the dental crown to check the fitting and bond the tooth restoration.

Root canal therapy

When the dental injury is associated with pain, it may be that a large part of the tooth’s pulp is infected. The broken tooth treatment for this case is root canal therapy. An endodontist performs the procedure by accessing the tooth’s pulp to remove the infection. He ultimately covers the compromised tooth structure to restore and strengthen it with a crown.

Seek immediate broken tooth pain relief from our dentist in Newmarket, Ontario and save your tooth from further damage.