Dental Veneers: Your Ultimate Solution For A Smile Transformation

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You need dental veneers to improve your teeth’ appearance after several changes. Veneers are dental laminates made from porcelain that cover your teeth’s imperfections.

How do dental veneers transform your smile? Whitens your teeth

Through the years, your habit of smoking, drinking coffee, tea, soda, and wine cause your tooth enamel to be stained. While you may undergo teeth bleaching, some deep stains may not be removed. Hence, your cosmetic dentist would recommend porcelain dental veneers. Furthermore, porcelain veneers are resistant to stains once cemented to your teeth’s surface. You’re sure to have bright smiles!

Improve the shape of your teeth

You’re one of those who watch what they eat and practice excellent oral care ever since. You seem content with your pearly whites, but not all your teeth are perfectly shaped. However, you can trust that dental veneers are here to save the day. Consult with our cosmetic dentist near you if you can have partial or complete veneers. He will expertly enhance the look of your ill-shaped teeth and give you a stunning smile. Most of your teeth don’t need veneers. He’ll only enhance what needs improvement so it complements your natural teeth.

No more gapped or broken teeth

When you have a gap or space between your teeth, you don’t have the confidence to throw a big smile. Diastema, or the gap from one tooth to another, is quickly addressed with cosmetic teeth veneers to close the gap.
Meanwhile, when you accidentally munch on hard food and your front teeth break, porcelain dental veneers are your perfect option. They replicate your natural teeth without having an artificial look. Moreover, some clinics can craft veneers on the same day so you won’t go home with that broken front teeth.

How are dental veneers made?

Traditional dental veneers are crafted after the first visit and are bonded to your teeth on the second visit. Here’s what you can expect during the two dental visits to show you how that happens.

First Visit

  • The dentist will examine your teeth to see if the veneers suit your dental care. Once you are a good candidate, he recommends dental cleaning first and determines how many veneers would be needed.
  • Next, he administers local anesthesia to make you feel comfortable when he prepares your tooth. After you feel numb, he removes about one-half millimetre of your tooth enamel. It is the same size as the veneer that will be placed on your tooth surface.
  • Then, he takes an impression of all the teeth that will receive veneers and send them to the dental laboratory. A dental technician will craft your permanent veneers.
  • Meanwhile, temporary veneers are placed on your teeth to protect your teeth from bacteria. Also, this allows you to experience how it is when wearing your permanent veneers. If they don’t fit right, or you are unsatisfied with the colour, inform your dentist immediately. He will make adjustments to ensure that your permanent veneers are perfected to give you ultimate satisfaction.

Second visit

  • The cosmetic dentist removes your temporary veneers and cleans your teeth to prepare them to receive porcelain dental veneers.
  • He first places the veneers on your teeth to check the fitting and shade to see if they complement your organic teeth.
  • He bonds the veneers when everything is good, and you both agree to the appearance.
  • He cleans, polishes, and roughens every tooth surface receiving the veneer.
  • He applies a special bonding agent to the veneer and expertly places it on the tooth enamel.
  • He uses ultraviolet light to harden the bonding agent as quickly as possible.
  • He removes any excess of the bonding agent between your teeth and gums. He checks your bite and makes adjustments when necessary.
  • After two weeks, he will schedule a follow-up visit to monitor how your gums respond to the treatment.

Take advantage of dental veneers in Newmarket, Ontario and give yourself a smile transformation.