Dental Causes of Headache

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It sounds crazy, but, yes, dental issues can cause headaches. Some dentists in Newmarket understand that alleviating these dental issues can lead to a great quality of life for people who suffer from various dental conditions that result in everything from headaches to crippling migraines.

So, if you suffer from frequent headaches, certainly make an appointment with your physician, but you may also want to consider giving your dentist a call!

What Causes Dental Headaches?

The biggest culprit for dental-caused headaches is temporomandibular joint dysfunction – TMJ for short. When you have a TMJ problem, this means your jaw does not articulate correctly with the top half of your skull.

Think about knee problems and the pain resulting from them – that’s a joint disorder. The TMJ joint is similar in that it requires cartilage for proper articulation and is susceptible to various conditions. The pain emanating from this joint can cause brutal headaches, and yet many people still don’t think about it when trying to solve headache problems.

It’s not just arthritis that can cause TMJ issues, however. One of the biggest causes of TMJ issues can be dental problems. If you have a tooth that’s painful, there is a natural adjustment of the bite, and it could put more pressure on one side of the mouth. This can lead to TMJ problems with, in turn, leads to headaches. The good news is your dentist can treat these issues!

Avoid the Headache with a Newmarket Dentist

If you are having headaches, then you may need to pay a visit to your dentist and explain to them the types of headaches you’re having and ask them to evaluate your TMJ. This is something every dentist can do, and if there’s an easy dental problem that will help your joint work properly, the dentist can fix it with ease!