Dental Braces Checkup


If I have dental braces, do I still need checkups every six months?

If you have dental braces you still need to go to your regular bi-annual checkups and cleanings.

In truth, it is all the more vital that you keep your regular checkup appointments and cleanings braces, even with Invisalign braces Newmarket; as braces make it much easier for plaque to accumulate on your teeth that could lead to decay.

Fix crooked teeth Newmarket

There are several ways that your Newmarket dentist can fix crooked teeth. They can use;

  • Traditional braces are much smaller, more comfortable, and less dangerous than previous braces
  • Invisible braces such as Invisalign
  • Retainers
  • Damon Braces are self-litigating meaning they require fewer appointments with the orthodontist.
  • Palatal Expanders which is now recommended instead of extraction for overcrowded teeth


Differences in dental braces Newmarket

There are some differences in braces including traditional braces.

Traditional braces have become smaller and less visible; being smaller makes them more comfortable and less likely to cut the lips or tongue.

A majority of dentists prefer to use traditional braces as they still give the best results in straightening teeth.

Using traditional braces still in most instances takes 18 months to 2 years to accomplish straightening the teeth depending on how crooked the teeth were to start with.

Damon Braces lately have become the more widely used type of braces due to the fact they require fewer visits to the orthodontist as they tighten themselves by using a slide instrument instead of elastics to connect the archwires.

Damon Braces produce faster results and produce less pain, they are also easier to clean and with fewer appointments save money.

Which type of braces you end up with will be up to your orthodontist, as you may not qualify for Invisalign type braces one of the other types such as traditional will provide you with a better solution.