Cosmetic Dental Veneers: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Today, there are already several dental cosmetic options for treating teeth imperfections. Each one is suitable for every patient’s unique dental needs. If your teeth are stained, you may opt for teeth whitening. Crooked teeth have braces to correct them. Those that have cracks or breaks could be fixed with filling or bonding. Some dental treatments can cover many teeth issues and make them appear better, such as with dental veneers in Newmarket.

Dental veneers

One of the most popular teeth cosmetic procedures is the fabrication and application of veneers. These are in demand by celebrities as they provide instant perfect teeth. Veneers are made of thin dental laminates that mirror the look of a tooth’s surface. When dentists place them over a tooth, they can cover its imperfection, such as its colour, shape, or size.

The two types of veneers are different in materials and their advantages. Patients may choose between porcelain or resin composite material. Many say that porcelain veneers have more benefits than others.

Advantages and disadvantages

Porcelain veneers are non-porous, durable, and can reflect light like that of a natural tooth. Considering this, it doesn’t stain easily and looks like a natural tooth, which is an excellent cosmetic requirement. Above all, it is strong, so it doesn’t simply break and may last more than five years.
The resin composite veneers may easily stain and are less durable; however, the material still resembles a natural tooth. This option may last longer as long as you care for it and have your dentist check it regularly.

5 common veneers problems

Although dental laminates have plenty of positive reviews, there are a few dental cases that pertain to their downsides.

Planning the application of veneers may sound easy as it is, only that it takes years of training and practice to perfect it. The dentists near you consider many factors in ensuring that your veneers fit the overall look of your face, not just your mouth. If you go to an inexperienced veneer’s dentist, you could have an artificial-looking smile or the wrong one.

1. Crooked smile

When dentists don’t know how to do facial esthetic analysis, the veneers might look crooked. Although the teeth are aligned, they aren’t symmetrical to the alignment of the rest of the face, like the lips and nose. That’s why in making veneers, it is crucial to include the entire facial region in the planning and not just the mouth.

2. Social six

Similarly, if the dentist doesn’t know how to apply balance, the front teeth veneers may look artificial. Most teeth problems related to esthetics usually involve the front teeth. It misleads the patient into thinking it’s OK to fix only the visible teeth, usually the six front teeth. However, as you smile, it reveals that the rest of your teeth don’t match. If you want to avoid this and still considering veneers, make it to the point that you have all your teeth improved.

3. Over-contoured

When light bounces on the teeth’ surface, it creates an illusion of how the teeth appear. Depending on the lines and bumps of the teeth, the light’s reflection could make it look wider, narrower, short, or fat. That’s why in fabricating veneers, there should be an accurate design mock-up to avoid over-contouring them and giving off an unnatural look. Suffice it to say; the dentist should meticulously ensure that the veneers are shaped at the right angles.

4. Negative space

When you smile, laugh, or speak, there are dark areas in your mouth, jaws, and between teeth called the negative space. The dentist should not ignore this space when making veneers, or the teeth will look flat, plain, and plastic.

5. Gum margins

It’s also important to consider the gum margins when making the veneers. The best way to do this is to study the appearance of the teeth before the treatment so that symmetry and harmony are observed.

These errors might not be avoided. However, you should go to a practice that can guarantee you high customer satisfaction, just like our Newmarket dentist.