Cavities And Holiday Snacking

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Newmarket Dentist – Keep 28 Dental Centre – Cavities and Holiday Snacking

Cavities do not occur quickly; they take time to develop. A week or two of overindulgence due to festivities will not cause cavities alone (although they can immediately affect the waistline!). Cavities develop over time and can take over a year to develop to the point of needing treatment. Cavities are caused by bacteria that live in your mouth; they eat the sugar and produce a product of acid (bacteria poop!). It is the acid that the bacteria produce that causes a hole to form in your tooth. Bacteria will break down all foods left on the teeth, but their favourite food is sugar. Good brushing and flossing are important; it keeps the teeth and gums clean and reduces the amount of food these bacteria have to form cavities (also helps with bad breath!).
So, if you will overindulge on the holidays, spending a little more time brushing and flossing would make sense. Also, remember that cavities do not usually give you pain until they are very large, which can often require a root canal! Nobody wants that for Christmas! So, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, and resolve to visit your dentist next year regularly!! We always accept new patients, so call us in the New Year!


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