Are You Having A Dental Anxiety? Try Oral Sedation

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Are you feeling that wave of emotion as you enter the dentist’s office? It’s like that giddy moment right before a solo speech in front of an audience. You seem vulnerable, knowing that dental instruments will get in touch with your teeth and mouth. That’s most probably dental anxiety –and you’re not alone. If this is the case, you might consider oral sedation.

What is oral sedation?

With sedation dentistry in Newmarket, dentists use certain medications to put the patient at ease during a dental procedure. After a dental evaluation, the dentist will know if the patient is eligible for this option. This step is necessary since some patients have allergic reactions to specific medications.
Oral sedation is only one of the few methods of sedation dentistry. Through this, the patient will receive sedation by swallowing a pill. Typically, this is done an hour before the procedure for the medication to take effect.
When patients are under sedation, they are primarily conscious until the treatment is through. However, depending on the dosage, the patient might fall asleep. If this happens, they wake up quickly with a gentle shake.


Numbs you of dental procedure pain

Oral sedation numbs you from the pain of dental procedures. This medication reduces the activities in certain parts of your brain that control anxiety and fear. It leaves you feeling less worried and more relaxed in your dentist’s chair.

Relieves your dental anxiety

Many patients avoid seeing their dentist mainly because of anxiety. For some, this feeling may bring an overwhelming fear that leads to overthinking. While sedation dentistry can’t eliminate pre-procedure jitters, it makes your dental experience manageable.

It helps dentists work faster

Just imagine a kid who fears the dentist near you but needs treatment for their painful toothache. Without sedation, this patient will tend to be fussy and uncooperative throughout their stay. The process and end may not be too pleasant. When the child receives sedation, they will be calmer, allowing their dentist to work faster and smoother.

Reduces your gag reflex

Your gag reflex prevents you from accidentally choking. However, it’s not helpful if you have a complicated dental procedure. Sedation paralyzes these responses in your body to avoid delays and issues during your treatment. You and your dentist don’t have to worry about projectile vomiting as you move along.

For a worry-free appointment, call our Newmarket dentist for your next dental visit today! They will be happy to offer you options to alleviate your dental anxiety.