6 Ways To Help Protect Your Veneers From Damage

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Porcelain veneers are thin shells that dentists near you use to restore your teeth’s natural look. They act as shields for the underlying teeth’ surface. Although thin, they are an excellent option for patients who want to bring back their beautiful smiles. However, these porcelain shells aren’t incorruptible. Constant usage, among other things, tends to wear them out, which may result in deterioration. Fortunately, there are ways to help extend its wear.

Proper maintenance tips for veneersTreat it just like your natural teeth

Although plaque or decay won’t damage your porcelain dental veneers, the tooth underneath is still vulnerable to various forces. Improper dental hygiene causes the tooth underneath to decay and discolour. Once that happens, it’ll soon affect the appearance and hue of your cosmetic veneers. Moreover, poor oral and dental care increases your risk of developing gum disease. That’s why cleaning your teeth after a meal is essential. You should also gently floss your teeth and finish it with a mouthwash rinse.

Shield them against damage

You should always wear a mouthguard if you’re playing a contact sport. A mouth guard is a thermoplastic material that adapts to your teeth and gums. One type of mouthguard is the boil and bite available over the counter. You must boil it and place it in your mouth after it cools. It helps protect the mouth, cheeks, teeth, and gums against oral injuries from contact sports. Remember that impacts on the face may cause your veneers to crack or chip. So, it’s best to keep them protected every time you have a game.

Pick your food wisely

Some foods and drinks easily stain your teeth. You must know these foods and beverages to help protect your porcelain dental veneers from stains. Beverages such as soda, tea, coffee, and wine should be kept to a minimum to avoid discoloration. As an added precaution, brush your teeth after eating to prevent staining. It’s also best to switch to whitening toothpaste so your dental laminates will match with the rest of your natural teeth. Choose a non-abrasive toothpaste or a natural teeth whitener like baking soda to reduce discoloration.

Don’t use your teeth as tools

Everyone’s guilty of using their teeth to do things other than chewing food. Yet, little do we know that it’s also one of the most difficult habits that might damage our teeth. Not only does it make us prone to germs and bacterial infection, yet it also damages our veneers. Thus, shortening their lifespan. So, refrain from using your teeth to tear things or loosen a knot. Use the right tools or even your hands to do the work.

Fix your teeth-grinding habit

You may not be aware of it; however, clenching or grinding your teeth when you sleep damages your porcelain teeth shells. Bruxism, an oral parafunctional activity, is an unconscious clenching or grinding of teeth during sleep. Although there aren’t any medications for it, wearing a mouth splint or mouth guard at night helps protect your teeth.

Never skip our dentist appointments

Our dentist in Newmarket will ask you to return a week after the placement of your porcelain dental veneers. He will evaluate the placement of the laminates and the response of your gum tissues. It’s also a great time to get answers to any of your questions regarding your new teeth shells. Regular maintenance and dental check-ups are advisable to ensure your oral health is in good condition.

Dental veneers in Newmarket, Ontario, could be the best way to restore your smile. At the same time, they still need proper maintenance to ensure they’ll last longer.