6 Clever Ways To Manage Your Dental Implants After The Surgery

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Dental implants are an excellent alternative to replacing missing teeth. Some claim it’s the most natural tooth replacement treatment that any patient may experience. Patients should opt for a tooth implant to reconstruct the missing gap in their smile.
However, the placement of the titanium dental implants tends to cause initial discomfort during the first few days post-surgery. To help you recover, here are a few things you need to remember and follow.

Primary dental implants aftercare tipsTake pain medication

Expect that you wouldn’t feel comfortable right after your surgery. Fortunately, your dentist in Newmarket will most likely advise you to take some medication to help alleviate the discomfort. It’s always best to take your medication before the effects of the anesthetic completely wear off. Some experts would advise taking Ibuprofen or other similar medication to reduce the pain and inflammation of the treated area.

Apply pressure

It’s normal to experience some postoperative bleeding, especially when you start to move a lot. You may stop it from happening once you apply moderate pressure to the gauze. Doing so will help prevent the bleeding, especially within the first 24 hours of your post-surgery. However, if you experience a mild or slow ooze from the treated site, it’s best to call your surgeon immediately.

Apply cold compress on the surgical site

Another way to alleviate swelling in the treated area is to apply a cold compress using an ice pack. You may do it for at least half an hour during the first 48 hours of your post-surgery. It helps restrict the blood flow, thus, reducing inflammation and swelling. However, you may only use this technique within the first 48 hours of your dental implant post-surgery. The dental implant specialist will provide the proper medication if swelling is still not reduced.

Avoid solid foods

It’s best to avoid hard foods that require more chewing action. These food particles may poke or irritate the Newmarket dental implants. Follow a strict diet while recovering from the surgical procedure. Be easy on your new dental implants as you go on a soft diet. You should limit your consumption to smoothies, shakes, and pasta. Doing so will ensure you get the nourishment you need for the next two to three days. If the surgical site is only limited to one area of your mouth, you’ll find it easier to eat regularly.

Be careful when doing your oral hygiene habits.

You must continue to observe proper dental hygiene, especially after your titanium dental implant surgery. However, you must be cautious when brushing your teeth around the surgical site. You may want to use salt rinses to keep it clean or use the antibiotic mouthwash as your doctor prescribes. It’s best not to push out your cheek when rinsing so you won’t accidentally pull on the stitches on the site. It may cause the incisions to open up and delay your healing process. Also, refrain from touching it with your bare fingers to avoid bacterial infections. You need to rinse your mouth after eating so food particles do not get stuck in the treated area.

Take a rest in the next 72 hours

Lastly, you need to rest for three days after your implant surgery. Avoid too much movement for your body to heal faster. Your body needs time to allow the process of osseointegration, where your dental implants fuse with your natural bones. You should avoid strenuous physical exercise to prevent any chances of increasing your blood pressure and heart rate.

These are only a few tips that you need to consider to help you recover faster from implant surgery. Titanium dental implants are known to fuse better with your bones than zirconia. Give your body enough time to completely recover before returning to your active lifestyle. Meanwhile, visiting our dentist near you regularly after this treatment is always best. This way, he can monitor your recovery and ensure everything goes as planned.