5 Tooth Sensitivity Treatment Options You Should Know

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Tooth sensitivity treatment relieves you of the discomfort or pain that you feel in your teeth. The discomfort happens when you consume particular food that is either hot or cold. In addition to this, eating acidic food also produces a sharp flash of pain. The pain is sudden; however, it is only temporary.

The condition of sensitive teeth improves with the treatment and advice from the dental care office on Yonge St.

5 Tooth sensitivity treatment options

    • Apply desensitizing toothpaste to your sensitive tooth. Several applications help block the pain felt because it contains potassium nitrate. It blocks pain signals from your tooth nerve to the brain. This toothpaste is available at different dental clinics and over the counter. Along with this toothpaste, use a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride mouth rinse.
    • Our dentist in Newmarket applies fluoride to the sensitive area of the tooth to strengthen the enamel. He usually administers this tooth sensitivity treatment after regular dental cleaning. Another option would be to give you a prescription fluoride for your treatment at home.
    • Applying bonding resin on the sensitive root surfaces of the tooth can ease the pain felt. Your dentist at the dental care office on Yonge St administers this procedure.
    • Rinse your mouth with honey and warm water or green tea. Reduce pain from sensitive teeth by rinsing your mouth with warm water and one tablespoon of honey. You can also use unsweetened green tea as a mouthwash. As a result, this strengthens your sensitive teeth and reduces inflammation.
    • Root canal therapy is a tooth sensitivity treatment procedure our dentist near you might recommend for severe tooth pain. The procedure removes the nerve and pulp of the tooth. After removal, the dentist cleans and seals the tooth. It is a successful treatment that eliminates tooth sensitivity.

Do not simply endure if you are experiencing tooth sensitivity. There are treatment options to relieve the pain. Seek help from the dental care office on Yonge St if you are considering fluoride treatment, bonding, and a root canal.