What Do You Need To Know About Dentistry For Kids?

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Newmarket Dentistry for Kids near you specializes in the dental needs of children. It is also known as pediatric dentistry. The fear of the dentist or dentophobia is common among kids. For instance, this might come from a traumatic experience with another dentist or a painful medical procedure. Being afraid to go to the dentist hinders your kids’ oral health. Yonge St. Dentists will make your children’s dental checkups as pleasant as possible.

Newmarket dentistry for kids: treatment options

Preventive care

Providing tips for maintaining an excellent oral lifestyle is part of preventive care. In particular, our dentist near you trains your kids with the proper techniques in brushing and flossing.
Newmarket Dentistry for Kids encourages twice-a-year routine cleanings and dental sealants. Sealants quickly bond into the grooves of the teeth, forming a shield to protect the enamel from bacteria buildup. Back teeth have pits and fissures where food particles get stuck and develop into cavities.

Routine cleaning

Routine dental cleaning and examination of your children’s teeth help remove plaque and tartar. The buildup of bacteria occurs in places where regular brushing cannot reach.

Digital X-rays

Yonge St dentists use a digital X-ray to diagnose conditions that are not noticeable to the naked eye. Your children’s teeth that are developing are easily monitored with the help of digital X-rays during a checkup. In addition to this, the radiation that digital X-rays emit is very minimal.

Teeth coloured fillings

Dentists under Newmarket Dentistry for kids use fillings that match the natural teeth. As a result, this makes them unnoticeable while protecting the teeth.
Good oral health is not just for adults. It is vital to everyone’s physical health, especially among children. With this in mind, your Yonge St dentists seek to provide children with proper dental care in a comfortable environment.