What Causes Tooth Loss And When Do You Need Bone Grafting?

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Several reasons, including lifestyle, poor dental care, disease, and injury to your teeth, cause tooth loss. In all cases of missing teeth, your dentist may recommend dental implants and bone grafting in Newmarket.

Reasons for Tooth Loss


Mouthguard. Your dentist will try to reinsert a knocked-out tooth, but the procedure is not always successful. Furthermore, any damage to the root or pulp may mean you require an extraction.


Teeth grinding can lead to cracks in teeth. If a fracture extends deeply into the tooth and repair is not an option, you may need a tooth extraction.

Gum disease

The main cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease. Gum disease can often be eliminated without surgical procedures. When you leave periodontitis untreated, your teeth can become loose and fall out.


Tooth decay starts with a small cavity but can spread through the entire tooth. Eventually, it will destroy the tooth structure.

When Do You Need Bone Grafting?

As soon as you lose a tooth, your jawbone begins disintegrating due to the lack of stimulation from chewing. If you delay receiving a dental implant, you may require a bone graft to restore the bone to its former strength.

Another reason you may need a bone graft is if the disease reaches the supporting bone, causing it to weaken. When tooth loss is due to periodontitis or decay, you may require a bone graft, even if you seek a dental implant immediately after the tooth loss or extraction.

With a bone graft, our dentist near you replaces the missing bone and stimulates the growth of new bone. Once the bone has recovered, your jaw will be strong enough to support the dental implant, and you can receive an artificial tooth to fill the gap.