What are the Causes of Canker Sores?

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There have been numerous theories about the causes of the canker sores newmarket. These painful ulcers develop within the mouth, cheeks, lips, or tongue. They’re vastly different from cold sores, which tend to develop on the external lip and are triggered by infections from the herpes simplex virus.


Most canker sores are oval or round in shape with a yellowish or white center paired with a red border. They tend to form inside the mouth, on the soft palate, or at the base of the gums. One might notice a burning or tingling feeling a few days or so before the appearance of sores.

Who Gets It

Anyone is susceptible to a canker sore, although they frequently occur in teens and young adults and may be common in individuals with pre-existing medical conditions that make the immune system vulnerable or trigger inflammation. Possible culprits to such conditions include bacterial infection, allergies to certain foods, a vulnerable immune system, stress, mouth-related trauma, and poor diet. Genetics may also play a contributing role. Numerous studies indicate that individuals who experience canker sores outbreaks frequently experience stress, which can be problematic for the immune system.


A majority of canker sores tend to disappear within a week or two. While there’s currently no cure available, there are anesthetic gels or ointments that can help ease the pain. These are available in drugstores. Curbing irritants such as spicy foods, foods with pointed edges, and alcohol can help minimize discomfort.
It’s important to visit our dentist in Newmarket if one has any oral health concerns. If one is frequently experiencing cold sores and those are large, the dentist may need to investigate a little further for the right course of treatment.