Save Your Tooth With These Emergency Dental Care Tips

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Knowing how to respond when someone in the family needs emergency dental care is vital. Dental emergencies happen through different forms of accidents. However, preparedness is something anyone can do when these kinds of emergencies arise. It makes a difference when you know how to handle and manage sudden dental problems until dental emergency services are available.

Common dental problems may derail your everyday life and, sometimes, even vacation plans. Yet, these should not cause you to miss the fun if you follow these tips in managing dental emergencies.

Emergency dental care tips Bleeding tongue or lips

If you accidentally bite your tongue or lip and cause bleeding, apply direct pressure on the area. Use a clean cloth or gauze pad to manage the bleeding and minimize swelling by applying a cold compress.

Broken tooth

If you broke a tooth, try to gather whatever remains, clean them and place them in one container. Keep the pieces moist by adding water or milk. There’s a greater chance that our dentist near you can put it together and restore your broken tooth once you get to his clinic. Meanwhile, gargle with warm salt water and rinse six times to kill the bacteria and prevent tooth infection. Put an ice bag on the affected area to prevent swelling. Contact your dentist as soon as possible so he can o provide emergency dental care.

Knocked off tooth

Gather the tooth and wash it lightly with running water. Try to re-insert your tooth onto the socket and hold it firmly until you get to your dentist’s clinic. If this is impossible, place the tooth in a container and add milk or a particular solution to preserve your tooth. You may purchase the particular solution at your local drugstore. Seek dental emergency services at a nearby dental clinic or an emergency hospital.

Tooth pain

Trapped food particles may have caused your toothache. Gently floss between your teeth to remove food debris, and rinse with warm water. If you have swollen gums, place an ice bag near the area and take a pain reliever until you receive emergency dental care. You may need to wait until your dentist’s office resumes business so that he can identify and resolve your toothache completely. He needs to take an X-ray image of your compromised tooth before he decides on the best treatment plan for you.

When you need dental emergency services, contact our dentist immediately and inform him of the situation. If you’re away from home, he may refer you to other dental professionals who can help. Remember that emergency dental services in Newmarket, Ontario, are always available.