Protect Your Kids From Cavities With Dental Sealants

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Wondering why you still have cavities after religiously cleaning your teeth? You need an extra hand to secure your teeth from disease-causing bacteria. Dentists offer dental sealants in Newmarket for patients who want added protection on their teeth. It’s a plastic material durable enough to withstand pressure on chewing surfaces. It’s also long-lasting, giving the teeth two years of a strong shield.

How are dental sealants applied?

The dental sealants procedure is a simple process that takes only minutes to finish and is painless.

  • The dentist ensures the teeth are thoroughly cleaned before the dental sealant application. When necessary, he must perform oral prophylaxis and clear that tartar away.
  • After the professional teeth cleaning, he pats them dry with cotton to prepare your teeth for the washing solution.
  • He then places the washing or acid solution, usually on the molars, to give the teeth a rough texture. Moreover, this process helps to strengthen the bond when he applies the sealant.
  • After the dentist dries up the solution, it’s time to apply the dental sealants. He carefully covers the entire tooth enamel of the molar teeth. Furthermore, he ensures that every nook and cranny is painted with sealant.
  • Finally, he uses a curing light to harden the sealant permanently.

You may normally return to your daily routine after the dental sealant procedure. Eat what you love and clean your teeth as you regularly would. Although the application might still be new, sealants have no healing period. In short, there’s no need to worry that it might wear off.

Is it safe for kids?

It’s perfectly safe; dentists recommend this dental service for kids. Since fissure sealants provide preventive measures for tooth decay, it’s the best protection for your kids’ teeth. Dentists near you may apply sealants on any teeth. However, those with pits and fissures need it most. Pits and fissures are the teeth groove and depression that help break down the food. Considering this, kids with molars are good candidates for this dental service.


  • Prevents cavities. As mentioned, dental sealants give the protection that your children need for their teeth. It withstands attacks from acid plaque, the primary cause of a tooth cavity.
  • Limits bacteria exposure. Other than preventing cavity and tooth decay, pits and fissure sealants keep away disease-causing bacteria. Aside from its durability, this shiny coat makes it hard for the food residues to cling to your teeth.
  • Manages pitting and fissure. Although pits and fissures help grind food, these are avenues for developing bacteria. The dental sealant manages the creation of more grooves giving fewer hiding spots for bacteria.
  • Promotes strong teeth development. Without any dental issues, it’s easy for teeth to fully develop and grow strong. Moreso, the dental sealant procedure maintains the desirable development of the teeth.
  • Imitates tooth colour. Apart from being a stain-repellent, the dental sealant naturally blends into the colour of your natural tooth.
  • Promises a bright future ahead. As dreamy as it may sound, it’s the truth. In the future, your child will not worry about his appearance at school and, soon, at work. There are more chances for him to gain that social recognition and acceptance.

Do you have more inquiries about this type of dental service? The Newmarket dentist would gladly answer your questions. Give them a call now!