Is Bonding as Good as Veneer?

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Everyone is after that healthy, beautiful smile. The good news is that dentistry can make that happen with dental bonding in Newmarket and veneers. While both can conceal teeth imperfections and improve one’s smile, both have different approaches.


In dentistry, bonding is a dental treatment capable of creating quality results. The procedure is a great option for those with small aesthetic flaws, including minor teeth gaps, worn edges, and chipped teeth.

A putty-like material called dental composite is made to match the shade of one’s natural teeth. It can also be manipulated and moulded to fill in gaps, build up worn surfaces, and balance the appearance of one’s smile.


Veneers are widely known for creating beautiful smiles. They’re thin sheets made from laminated porcelain to fit into one’s natural teeth. Through veneers, a dentist can help create that perfect smile to boost self-confidence.

Different Treatments

Bonding and veneers are dental treatments that differ in several ways. But they aim to achieve a healthy-looking smile. Bonding is highly recommended for small dental issues and is quicker and cheaper than veneers. Veneers lead to significant transformation and are recommended if one is after a flawless smile.

Proper Care

Bonding and veneers aren’t as strong as natural teeth, so dentists will advise patients to avoid biting their nails, opening anything hard using teeth, or chewing on hard objects.
With the right care, bonding can last between two to five years. On the other hand, veneers can last anywhere for a decade or even longer.

So, if one suffers from cracked, stained, or chipped teeth, consult our dentist in Newmarket, Ontario. The dentist will work with the patient to ensure a perfect smile by utilizing the right dental procedure for that perfect smile.