How To Prepare For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

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Good oral practices are taught early on in life. As parents, you train your child to brush his teeth at least twice daily. The next big step would be taking him to the nearest kids’ dentist in Newmarket. Make your child enjoy his first visit to the dental clinic in Newmarket and ensure he doesn’t grow up afraid of dentists.

What happens during the first dental visit?

As your child walks into the clinic, he is greeted warmly by the dental staff to make him feel comfortable. He is made to play or watch TV for some time to settle. After a short while, the dentist will invite him to sit on the dental chair. If he is reluctant, you might be asked to sit on the chair with your kid on your lap. Most dentists recommend that you talk to your child before the visit for him to understand and cooperate.

Preparing for your child’s first visit to the nearest kid’s dentist in Newmarket:

  • Initiate the “The dentist is in” game at home.
  • Play with your kid and take turns being the patient and the dentist. Use the dentist’s magic words, “open your mouth wide,” to simulate an actual dental visit and have fun.
  • Educate your child.
  • Show him videos about other children’s first dental visit experience in a dental clinic in Newmarket. Seeing that other kids are doing fine after the dental visit is a reassurance that dentists are not that bad.
  • Praise your child on the day of the dental visit.
  • Tell your child how brave he is to meet the dentist for the first time. Assure him that you will be with him all the way through.

Perfect timing is everything you need to take your child to the nearest kids’ dentist in Newmarket. Ensure your kid is ready for his first trip to the dental clinic in Newmarket for a smooth and productive visit.