Foods To Avoid After Undergoing Root Canal Therapy

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After undergoing root canal therapy in Newmarket, healing will take a week or so. As you spend your time in recovery, you only have limited food choices. Knowing what foods to avoid after a complicated dental surgery can reduce healing time.

Undergoing root canal therapy

Root canal therapy is a complicated process, making it the last resort for saving your permanent tooth. Your dentist in Newmarket may do the procedure along with a tooth bridge. A root canal involves cleaning the damaged tooth, removing abscesses, and reshaping the root canal. To complete the process, your oral surgeon places a crown on top.

After removing your tooth abscess, your tooth root and nerves are affected. The dental treatment didn’t just affect your tooth enamel. It is why you should observe utmost care when chewing foods. Chewy or hard-to-bite foods can place too much pressure on your new crown.

Foods you should not eat after your dental surgery

Be mindful of what you eat as you recover. Avoid the following foods as part of your root canal post-treatment:

Crunchy food

Ditch snacking on chips, crackers, and nuts while waiting for your teeth to recover fully. Avoid fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and corn on the cob. Munch on mangoes, peaches, bananas, and papayas.

Chewy food

Chewy candy can get under your new crown or pull out the filling; the same goes for gum. Chewing on candy and gum places pressure on your teeth, and it can cause you discomfort. Some pasta types are chewy, but you can still eat noodles or thin pasta like Angel’s hair.


Most types of bread tend to develop a texture similar to gum, especially when they dissolve in your mouth. You can eat mashed potatoes if you’d like to binge on carbs. Pudding, rice pudding and pancakes are other great food choices.


Meat can be too tough to chew at this rate. Instead of eating meat, include salmon and tofu in your diet. Salmon and tofu are soft and chewy. They are also high in protein content, making them great meat alternatives.

Spicy food

After any root canal treatment or tooth extraction, your tooth roots and nerves are more sensitive than ever. It is best to avoid spicy foods in the meantime. Curb your spicy food craving and look for other flavours you can enjoy, such as applesauce, cheese, and hummus.

Hot food

Eating hot food makes you prone to hypersensitivity after a root canal or extraction. Soups and broths are ideal but can induce swelling once eaten fresh from the stove. Eat cold food, like ice cream, minus the nuts and other toppings with a hard texture.

Heed the advice of your endodontist to avoid getting tooth infections after your root canal therapy. Discuss with your Newmarket dentist near you what foods you can eat after your treatment.

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