Dental Bonding: What To Expect During The Treatment

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Dental bonding in Newmarket is used to repair damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth. The process involves the dentist bonding a resin layer onto the tooth. The resin is then hardened using UV light. It’s stronger and more durable than enamel and typically lasts much longer.

The resin used is usually highly aesthetic and made from various shades of white or pearly shades. Dental bonding can look great when done well, and when done right, it can preserve the structure of the tooth.

What to expect during dental bonding

There are several different things to look out for when thinking about dental bonding.

  • Firstly, the dentist will want you to have thorough teeth cleaning before tooth bonding takes place before they coat the teeth with a special solution. The preparation is designed to help stop any tartar build-up and to prevent any bacteria from proliferating the surface of your teeth. If the teeth are not clean, then there is a good chance that the bonding will not be as long-lasting as it may otherwise.
  • The dentist may also ask you to have a filling in one or a couple of surrounding areas of the teeth. These are a few things that your dentist will typically do before dental bonding.
  • They will also want to ask about any other dental treatments you have recently had. This is important as there is a potential risk that your teeth might not be strong enough to take the resin. They will want to know if you have recently had any fillings, region fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, or other treatments.
  • The dentist may also do some X-rays of the teeth during the visit. These X-rays can help the dentist see what is happening under the surface.
  • Your dentist will then talk you through the whole process. They will explain what the process will involve and expect from the procedure.

What to do after

After the entire treatment, your dentist will advise you about things you can do to look after your teeth. They will recommend brushing your teeth regularly, having regular check-ups, and cleaning your teeth regularly.

There is no need to fear dental treatments; they only lead you to get better dental health. Work with your dentist near you today in achieving a smile you can be proud of!