5 Benefits Of Dental Bonding Treatment

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It should not cost you a fortune just to achieve a beautiful smile. Dental bonding near you is one of the cosmetic treatments dentists use to resolve your teeth’s imperfections. Tooth discoloration, gaps, chips, and broken teeth can be restored through tooth bonding. The procedure only takes about 30 minutes for every tooth so you can restore your tooth in one day. The dental bonding cost should not be your concern because the treatment is very cost-effective.

Read on to learn more about its procedure and the benefits of this dental treatment.

Dental bonding procedureTooth preparation

There needs to be more preparation done on your tooth since the treatment is non-invasive. Our dentist will only administer a local anesthetic on certain conditions:

  • The bonding treatment restores a tooth filled with a large cavity.
  • The shape of the tooth needs to be changed.
  • The treatment area is near a tooth’s nerve.

Furthermore, he will refer to a shade guide in choosing the composite resin material for dental bonding. The shade should closely match the sheen of your organic teeth for the best results.

Tooth bonding

Next, the dentist will roughen your tooth’s surface and apply a conditioning liquid. This step ensures that the bonding material will adhere to your tooth. Then, he will apply a tooth-coloured resin material. He will mould and smoothen it to achieve the desired shape complementing your tooth. He will use a blue light or laser to harden the composite resin material. Lastly, he will trim and polish the material until the restoration blends well with your natural teeth.

The dental bonding cost ranges from $300 CA to $600 CAD per tooth. With a low fee, here are the benefits of this procedure.

Dental bonding benefits

1. The restoration will look natural.

The bonded tooth will not be noticeable as it matches well with your natural teeth. You get this advantage because it uses a tooth-coloured composite resin material for that natural finish.

2. It will not cause any damage to your enamel.

The structure of your tooth enamel is preserved, and nothing is removed when you go through the dental bonding procedure. This way, you won’t feel any tooth sensitivity after the treatment.

3. It can be used to whiten your teeth.

Did you know that you can whiten your teeth with bonding treatment? Yes! You can ditch the costly laser treatment and have your teeth bonded to have a whiter smile. Also, changing your oral care regimen is unnecessary to maintain the effects. However, you may skip coffee or tea to prevent stains on your bonded teeth.

4. Tooth bonding fixes teeth alignment.

Minor gaps between your teeth, uneven surfaces and length can easily be hidden through teeth bonding. Once the composite materials are bonded to your teeth, you will be more confident to smile.

5. It’s a low-cost dental treatment.

No other cosmetic dental treatment gives you the same results with a lower value other than composite bonding. To get started with this treatment, ask our Newmarket dentist about the dental bonding cost in your area.