3 Top Smile Enhancement You Should Try

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Over time, you lose the brightness and shape of your teeth. Discolouration and worn-down teeth are common once you age and even when you’re still in your prime. That’s due to several factors, including the food you take and the oral hygiene you practice. Smile enhancement in Newmarket is a solution for patients who want to restore the health and appearance of their smiles.

Smile Enhancement in Newmarket

Most dental clinics offer smile enhancement techniques that quickly improve the looks of the teeth. These dental treatments also help restore and keep your oral health. If you notice apparent changes in your teeth, you could opt for these procedures:

1. Teeth whitening

Yellowish teeth are prevalent. Even for some patients that brush their teeth daily, teeth can still lose their pearly whites. That’s why you need to see our dentist regularly so they can monitor the changes in your teeth, especially their colour.

Your dentist does In-office teeth whitening. You visit the clinic to get a professional whitening procedure for your teeth to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Most of these offers give you brighter teeth as you leave the office.

2. Veneers

Veneers are pretty famous, and most celebrities use them. They offer patients instant perfect teeth with just a simple process. The dentist removes a thin portion of the enamel to place the veneer on the tooth. This technique will make the tooth shell appear natural because it fits right.

This treatment can cover many imperfections, including discoloured teeth, chipped and cracked ones, uneven bites, and gaps.

3. Tooth caps

Primarily known as crowns, tooth caps are ideal tooth restoration and replacement options. It improves the look and strength of your teeth that are damaged due to cavities or trauma. Your dentist may just polish the tooth if most of it is still intact with the gums. Afterward, the dentist places the crowns on top of the prepared tooth.

Crowns also work best with implants. Once you have your implants, your dentist will just position the tooth cap on the abutment, giving you a fine new tooth.

4. The takeaway

Don’t lose hope if your smile isn’t as good-looking as before. All people go through these changes in their teeth. That’s why your dentist always reminds you to practice good oral hygiene and visit them at least twice a year. This way, you can keep an impressive smile.

Besides these dental treatments, you may consider fillings, braces, and gingival sculpting. It would help if you discussed with our dentist near you what dental solution best meets your smile goals.