Teeth Whitening Secrets You Wish You Knew Last Year

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There are teeth whitening secrets that lie in the comfort of your own home. Your pearly white teeth lose their lustre as the years go by. Don’t sit back and just let it happen. There are certain things that you can do at home to preserve the colour of your teeth. DIY home remedies help whitens teeth, as well as avoid certain foods to prevent staining.

What causes teeth discoloration?

According to your dental clinic in Newmarket, there are three categories of teeth discoloration.


This is the staining of the outer layer of the teeth or the enamel. Smoking, coffee, wine, berries, and tomato sauce can cause this.


This is the darkening of the inner teeth structure or the dentin. Too much exposure to fluoride, and tetracycline antibiotics during childhood can affect this.  Darkening of the dentin can also come from trauma to the developing permanent teeth. Trauma can come from a fall during childhood. Another effect of trauma is internal bleeding, this can also discolour the teeth.


If you combine extrinsic and intrinsic factors causing discoloration, you will get age. Dentin naturally turns yellowish over time. The enamel covering the teeth wears away as people age. The thinning away of the enamel can show the dentin under it.

Teeth whitening secrets at home

Here are five teeth whitening secrets that you wish you knew before.

DIY teeth whitening

This includes teeth whitening kits, strips, toothpaste, and rinses. You can buy the products at grocery shops or drugstores.

A teeth whitening kit contains bleach known as carbamide peroxide. This removes both deep-rooted stains and surface stains.

Teeth-whitening strips also remove teeth stains. Peroxide-based whitening gel coats these strips. You wear them for a few minutes a day, for a week or more. The results are visible within a few days and last a year.

Over-the-counter toothpaste is a powerful instrument for teeth whitening as well. The toothpaste contains polishing agents that remove stains, without changing the natural teeth’ colour.

You can consult with your dentists in Newmarket for trusted brands that they can recommend.

Natural whitening

Cauliflower, apples, celery, carrots, milk, and cheese helps whiten the teeth naturally. Eating oranges and pineapples increases saliva production. This is what washes the teeth clean. Eat them in moderation because too much acidity from these fruits can damage the teeth.

Sugarless gum

One of the Teeth whitening secrets that you didn’t know is that chewing sugarless gum cleans the teeth. It also increases saliva production.

Smoking doesn’t help

Smoking causes teeth discoloration and staining. Tobacco causes the formation of brown stains on the teeth’s enamel. Brushing doesn’t remove this easily.

Avoid certain foods and drinks

Food and drinks cause discoloration of the teeth, they develop slowly as people grow old. Avoid dark sodas, tea, red wine, and coffee. There are certain fruits that also stains the teeth, like berries. According to your dentists at the dental clinic in Newmarket, you can prevent staining by brushing immediately after eating them.