Newmarket Dentist: Infants and their Dental Care

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Good oral hygiene habits are developed at home and with pediatric dentistry in Newmarket. It’s crucial to floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day to stay on top of these healthy habits. This routine should be embedded in infants and children as well! It’s important to ease children into routine teeth brushing and get them familiar with their local dentist as well.

Regular dental visits should begin by age one. If you have an infant, call your local Newmarket Pediatric dental office today to schedule your wee one’s first visit!

Why Early Dental Care is Important

Dental care for infants may seem too early. However, it is imperative to begin routine dental visits as early as possible. Instilling healthy dental hygiene and a routine at an early age will help the child continue this regimen later in life.

By starting early, you’re able to take away that “scary dentist office” feel and get them comfortable with your selected pediatric dentist. Pediatric dental offices are typically geared to be more kid-friendly, often with games, books, colourful artwork on the walls, and prizes offered after a visit.

By finding a Pediatric Dentist’s office that you trust and your child feels comfortable with, you are ensuring that your child maintains healthy dental hygiene as he or she gets older.

Caring for Your Infant’s Teeth

Infancy may seem too early to begin instilling good oral hygiene habits, but it isn’t. By easing them into these routines, you are ensuring that your child is familiar and comfortable with dental visits. This comfort level will allow them to continue their routine dental exams and at-home dental care as they age.

Speak to your local Newmarket Pediatric Dentist near you today to schedule your infant’s first dental visit and get them on the right track to a pearly white future!