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When your dentists recommend a tooth extraction for you, know that it’s for the best. Supposedly, dentists would recommend tooth removal as a last resort. Dentistry promotes the preservation of the tooth even though it is broken or most of its structure is damaged.

So, when do dentists find teeth removal important or needed?

Why do you need a tooth extraction?

These examples are the common reasons why dentists would suggest removing a patient’s tooth:

  • Severe infection. This is the most common reason why a dentist needs to extract a tooth. Even though dentists promote risk assessment during early dental visits to prevent dental caries, decay still happens. Without proper oral hygiene practices, the teeth and gums will develop disease-causing bacteria. This leads to tooth damage and a risk of infection spread. Especially in the areas at the back of the mouth, bacteria develop easily. This one’s a sure call for a wisdom tooth extraction.
  • Orthodontic treatment. Traditional braces are a famous orthodontic treatment to fix teeth misalignment. However, it’s difficult for teeth to shift if it’s crowded or naturally large. Dentists need to take out one or some of them for easier and faster therapy.
  • Supernumerary teeth. Interestingly, your erupting teeth will come out even though there is still no room for them. This results in hyperdontia or the appearance of more teeth on top of the present set. Lots of issues sprout from this condition that’s why dentists need to remove the unnecessary ones.
  • Fractured teeth. Dentists would likely suggest tooth extraction if the fractured tooth is so bad that no filling or bonding could fix it.
  • Cosmetic purposes. Some teeth are badly shaped that the patient’s appearance is affected. If improvements don’t work, the dentist will remove these teeth.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth. When a wisdom tooth can’t come out due to blockage, it shouldn’t stay there. Moreso, it will only cause inflammation, infection, and of course unbearable pain. This time, the dentist has to perform a wisdom tooth extraction to prevent the worse.
  • Cheaper and simple. Although the dentist might still be able to save the tooth, some patients would insist on tooth extraction. This happens if the other treatments are more complex and would only cost more for the patient — more time and money.

Why is tooth extraction no longer painful?

Now you know how important it is to get rid of that tooth, here are more points to convince you why you should opt for it. Modern times bring advanced technology systems so everyone goes home happy. Dentists near you use advanced dental tools for an efficient procedure and patients no longer worry about pain and duration.

Say no to injection

If you’re having second thoughts to let go of your wisdom teeth because of needles, drop that brooding. Dentists now use numbing sprays or paste to simply apply the products to the affected area without causing more pain.

Forget about scary drills

Do you dread the sound of the dental drill especially when it’s accessing a tooth? That’s just some fancy exaggeration from scary movies now. Today, dentists have adopted the use of laser technology systems. It’s a revolutionary invention to easily access a tooth and clear away infection without the fuss and discomfort.

Knives are a goner

Gone are the days of bloody, painful, swelling recoveries after tooth extraction. Since dentistry now uses advanced methods such as laser technology and wound patches, you’re back on track in no time.

Keep calm and sit on the dentist’s chair

Your dentist will hurt you no more. Aside from laser treatments and numbing sprays, there’s another method for you to go along the procedure calmly. Sedation dentistry offers laughing gas or nitrous oxide to relax throughout the wisdom tooth extraction process. Just inhale the component through a mask and wait for its effects.  

There are plenty of ways to assure yourself why you need your Newmarket dentist to extract your damaged tooth. Check out their new methods and be amazed by the pleasant experience.