5 Things You Wish You Knew Before Having Invisalign

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Sure, you know what Invisalign is. It’s a removable, clear plastic aligner that you wear on your teeth to correct misalignment and achieve perfect smiles. It’s light and transparent, making it easy to avoid unwanted attention without the annoying wires and metals. Moreso, you could just remove it when you brush your teeth or have your meals. Ergo — it’s a better alternative than traditional braces.

Everything you knew about Invisalign aligner is right! However, there are still things about it that you may have missed. Some users of this orthodontic appliance have already shared their personal experiences and it’s included in this article.

Keep calm and read on! This article is not here to discourage you. This list will actually enlighten and help you to manage yourself throughout the treatment period.

5 things to know about Invisalign

You might need dental attachments.

It wasn’t known to many that clear aligners need dental attachments. These are dental bonding materials that are placed in the middle of the tooth to create bumps for support. In fact, these help the aligners to have a better grip on the teeth while shifting the teeth. Most Invisalign users have this, and it just blends well with the natural teeth colour so it’s usually unnoticeable. When considering this orthodontic option, your dentist near you will let you know if you need them.

Although it’s bonded to your tooth, you don’t need to worry as your dentist will polish them off right after your treatment. The best thing about dental attachments is that it provides more success rate on your Invisalign results.

Attachments are non-resistant to stains.

Unlike your Invisalign aligners, dental attachments are susceptible to stains. Some patients report that without proper oral hygiene, these dots will look like stuck pieces of a corn kernel. Somehow, they turn yellowish due to food and drink stains that weren’t cleaned immediately. Now, that’s something you don’t want to happen. It’s best to stick to your rigid teeth cleaning routines and prevent discoloration on both your teeth and attachments.

Less coffee for you.

As mentioned, Invisalign attachments easily become discoloured. One remedy to this is to avoid taking foods with high staining properties. If you’re a coffee person, it’s sad to say that you have to limit it. This also goes for tea, wine, and chocolate drinks. Even fruits like berries contribute to this.

Another thing to remember is that hot drinks may warp or distort your plastic aligners. Better put these in your reminders!

You should wear it for at least 22 hours a day.

Keep this in mind — don’t forget your aligners at home when you leave for school or work. Furthermore, don’t think that you’re better without it when you’re at a party.

That’s just defeating its purpose.

Always wear your Invisalign and only take it off when you have heavy meals or when it’s time to brush your teeth. There should be more time having it on than off or you’ll only be adjusting the time on your treatment period. It may even go wrong.

You might lose some weight.

Imagine this. Since you have to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, you only have 2 hours to enjoy your meals. Won’t that leave you picking your food or even finishing only half of it? Long-time clear aligner patients admit that they lost some weight in their first month. It’s both frustrating to take off the aligners whenever they eat and eat while wearing them.

However, the underlying issue here is that the Invisalign aligner is pretty hard to remove. It snugly fits on the teeth so it’s tight and needs technique just to remove it. One great input from old-timers is to learn how to balance your diet. Maybe pair up some protein smoothies after your meals to balance your calories.

These are the missing pieces of the puzzle that you needed to figure out about clear aligners. Now, it’s time for you to have that Invisalign treatment in Newmarket Ontario. The dentists and staff would be delighted to give you that picture-perfect smile through this dental treatment.